5 Cool Beard Without Mustache Styles!

Trying out cool and unique beard styles is in trend now. A new range of beard without mustache styles are seen to fascinate males who want sophistication and personality as well as in getting females to turn towards them on the street. These below-provided a variety of styles are the beard without mustache styles, which has been amongst the cool fashion industry for quite some time. So, let’s now check out these top 5 cool beard without mustache styles  in this article below

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Beard Without Mustache: Top 5 Styles

5 Cool Beard Without Mustache Styles

These beard without mustache styles include the shorter and the longer version of various cool beard styles without a mustache, which be similar to the Chin Curtain, Amish Style, and so many more. And thus, these beard without mustache styles help your chin to appear broader as well as the styles balance the shape of your face. You can check the face shape guide to choose the perfect beard style for you.

Not every beard style suits everyone. You must pick a beard style as per the shape of your face. Or else the most amazing beard style will look d8ull on you when you fain to match your face shape with your beard style. And thus, be extra careful on choosing the perfect beard without mustache style for you

So, let’s now find out what is the best bread without mustache styles you can try on…

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  • The Lincoln Beard Without Mustache Styles

The Lincoln Beard Without Mustache Styles

Such a beard style is among the most impressive without mustache styles out there. The Lincoln beard style signifies the style of Abraham Lincoln. However, achieving such beard styles need lots of hard work. Such beard styles without mustaches include the Chin Curtain beard style but without a mustache. Foremost, you will have to grow a full beard and then you will have to trim the curtain beard style at a similar length.

  • Polished Short Chin Curtain

Polished Short Chin Curtain

A chin curtain style is simply a Goatee style that spreads below your chin to make a curtain-like style. This style is as well quite thin, as well as it joins with the soul patch beard style to create a charming beard without mustache styles. Chin Curtain is also compared to the full beard style, which is quite similar to the Dutch beard style.

Following this name, this style has a beard curtain in your chin. To achieve this look at first, you will have to grow the full beard. And also, you must take special care of the fact that there is no mustache. You just have to let your beard grow like a curtain, do not trim the sides of the beard.

  • Short & Simple Stubble Beard Style

Short & Simple Stubble Beard Style

If you style it neatly, then a short and simple stubble beard style can look stunning with or without a mustache. To achieve this look with a mustache you can also wait until your beard grows lengthier to choose whether or not you want to match it with the mustache or without a mustache. Meanwhile, you just simply enjoy this stylish look.

A short and simple Stubble beard style is perfect for males who refrain from going a Full Beard style but also do want to miss the babyface. Such beard styles make the chosen texture that can improve a man’s structures like a beard style. What is more, to it, it shapes a guy’s jawline as well as can create a bony shadow on the round cheeks.

  • Goatee Beard Styles


Prior to bouncing into the first look, it’s critical to comprehend two words: Billy Goat. In verifiable occasions the first goatee beard style was a tuft of facial hair on the jawline; it wasn’t associated with a mustache. Much like you’d see on the jawline of a real goat.

It wouldn’t be until the 90s for the goatee to begin taking on another, increasingly all-inclusive importance. Starting at recently, the style alludes to whiskers with facial hair on the cheeks yet not on the jawline; consequently, where the disarray over the Van Dyke versus Goatee originates from.

  • Dutch Beard without Mustache Styles

Dutch Beard without Mustache Styles

The Dutch beard without Mustache styles is also known as the old school beard styles as this’s a very old & basic beard without mustache styles. This style is really a logger kind of facial hair appearance. It’s anything but difficult to make this style. It is one of the most common full beard no mustache styles.

To achieve this beard style first you have to grow a long full beard. Let your beard develop outwards and permit to flare from the sides. Shave the jaw zones other than your mustache and make edges.

Keep the parts of the bargains adjusted formed. To keep up this style you have to brush your beard a few times each day and shave your mustache consistently.

Should You opt for The Beard Without Mustache Style?

Should You opt for The Beard Without Mustache Style

The sole response to the current inquiry is that you simply will do no make a difference you might want to attempt together with your facial hair. To that finish, you fully should wear a beard while not a mustache on the off chance that you wish its arranging. Do you, child.

Men are wearing beards while not mustaches since days of yore. It’s been the done thing since forever. Try not to stress over what others think. For whatever length of time that you wish the reflection inside the mirror, you’re readied. One can wear his beard with sideburns or beard without sideburns

Growing a beard anyway deed your higher lip clear isn’t in vogue immediately. I exclusively disclose to you that because of making this facial hair determination may flip you into a trailblazer. Individuals will have suppositions, yet what difference does it make? Select a beard style that compliments the type of your face and your alternatives. You can also try the mutton chops beard without mustache style.


You should keep an eye on the beard, sustain the beard, give the beard limits and harsh however adoring direction. Else you wind up looking like Fuck It All McConaughey, and let’s face it: nobody is attempting to transform your last name into an ecstatic rebound combination.


Q. What is a beard without a mustache called?

A. There is no particular name for the beard styles without a mustache. There are plenty of beard style that is better without mustaches such as goatee, soul patch, and so many more

Q. What type of beard is most attractive?

A. Every type of beard is attractive when it perfectly suits your personality. So, to wear the most attractive beard style you must check the face shape guide for picking up the right beard style.

Q. Do girls like beards?

A. One can’t answer this question by simply saying YES or NO. It’s because we all are different so as our choices. Thus, some girls go crazyyyy for beards while others just hate it from the core of their heart.

Q. Why can’t Some men grow beards?

A. There are some men who can’t grow beards. Sometimes it’s because of their gene or sometimes it’s due to some disease. Consult with an expert to know your problem.

Q. Will my mustache ever connect to my beard?

A. Whether your mustache ever connect to your beard or not that depends on several factors such as your facial hair grown rate, the area of facial hair grown, etc.

Q. What’s a more attractive beard or clean-shaven?

A. On some men, beards appear to be more attractive while on other men clean shaved faces look more attractive. So, whether the beard is attractive or clean shave… that varies man to man

Q. What kind of beard do ladies like?

A. Ladies generally like a neat and polished look, so it doesn’t matter which kind of beard style you wear rather the fact whether the style is neatly nurtured or not.

Q. Do beards make you look hotter?

A. YES, of course. When you pick up the most suitable beard style for you then the beard style definitely help you a lot to look hotter

Q. What beard length is most attractive?

A. Any beard length that goes hand in hand with your face shape, your personality is the most attractive beard style for you.

Q. How can I stimulate my beard to grow?

A. The rate of your facial hair growth is measured by factors such as your DHT, genetics, and the levels of your testosterone, your habits, lifestyle, and also how sensitive the body is towards your hormones that stimulate the beard growth.

Q. Should mustache cover lip?

A. NOOO…Your mustache should never cover your lips. That is gross when you are trying a new beard style without a mustache!